Established in 1963, Kluyts & Co continue to build upon the heritage of woodworking excellence in Knysna and today produces a wide range of hand made wooden furniture that sets the benchmark for furniture making – not only in the Garden Route area, but countrywide.

All our work is made from sustainable timber bought from the Knysna Forest and is FSC verified and which we cut and dry ourselves.

This enables us to hand select timber that is fit for purpose and allows us to match the grain and hue of the wood so that the furniture is matched perfectly. This skill, developed over time, is essential when it comes to indigenous timber, much of which has strong grain and markings, that are a challenge to match evenly.

Our cabinet makers have all worked for a considerable time with the business – some for over 20 years – and this skill set is transferable to complex shop fitting and kitchen cabinet making, as is evidenced by our broad portfolio of work.

We specialise in libraries, solid wooden kitchens and architectural installations in timber, allowing us to get fully involved in complex and challenging installations and to create custom designed furniture.

Our large stock of timber is important as it offers a variation of species to our potential customers and we stock rare and long lengths of timber at all times. Whilst we do sell indigenous woods directly to the public, we tend to keep the rarest and best for our ourselves, as it is the unusual timbers in longer lengths that allow us to offer clients furniture crafted from woods such as Stinkwood and Yellwood and Hard Pear.



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