NCT commercial tree farmer of the year

NCTAward1-2Outstanding RF Gevers tree farming operation in Vryheid wins prestigious NCT award.

The NCT Tree Farmer of the Year for 2012 in the Commercial Farm category is RF Gevers (Pty) Ltd, located near Vryheid in northern KwaZulu-Natal. It is a family operation started by Robert Gevers. Robert and three of his four sons, Hogart, Erlo and Jurgen, are directors of the company. Robert's grandson Hagen manages the farm and implements the FSC management system.

Robert bought his first farm in 1949 at the tender age of 21. It was mostly grassland which he ploughed up and planted to black wattle. In those days, the main market was the nearby Hlobane coal mine. The farm's timber products included sleepers, split poles, wedges and chunks.

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Study Calls Selective Logging the Most Realistic Conservation Strategy

430770163 aff48b20bc-150x150A new study says that well-managed selective logging may be the only realistic solution to conserving tropical forests in the face of a rapacious global demand for timber resources.

In an analysis of more than 100 studies, researchers at the University of Florida found that while even selective logging has a significant impact on biodiversity in tropical forests and carbon storage capacity, those impacts are “survivable and reversible to a degree” if the forests are given time to recover.

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Southern African Tree Seed (SATS) Working Group Launched

Dec 2012 - SATS - SORWG Field Visit 2007South Africa contains over 1.2 million hectares of plantation forestry, large areas of which are felled and replanted every year to ensure a continued supply of forest products. Newly felled land may be re-established using rooted cuttings or allowed to coppice, but the majority of trees grown every year are planted as seedlings. These seedlings are grown from a seed crop which is collected in hundreds of seed orchards across the country or even imported from other forestry regions of the world. Seeds remain the most commonly used reproductive material for plantation forest regeneration, not only in South Africa, but internationally too.

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